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Nothing is better than get paid for listen to music

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What Is a Music Curator?

A music curator spends their day listening to music - Sounds like a perfect job to me, getting paid to listen to music! However, it does get a little more complicated than that...

Who You Are

You have several years of previous experience from working in the music or developing playlists, ideally with restaurants or hotels
Passionate about all kinds of music
Loving to learn and listen to music all day
You have a good understanding of how playlists can be created to fit users needs, even on a very niche level
You have a wide and openminded music taste
You care about attention to detail and organization, have a team spirit, strong work ethic, and a friendly, warm attitude
Bonus: You bring your own customers

Learn about life at Med Studios

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what music you love, at Med Studios you’ll be part of a brand that’s reinventing the music industry. Our open, collaborative work environment & innovative, audacious team gives you the opportunity to grow, have fun, and do your best work. So bring your passion, your sincerity, and your whole self to the team – we’re certain that together, we can build a world with beautiful music.