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Tired travelers enter an oasis the moment they set foot in your lobby. Relaxing music greets them, music that complements the architecture & design elements surrounding them and reflects the unique character of your hotel.
Get the music right to create the perfect atmosphere that matches your service and your spaces.

Handpicked by humans

We believe humans are much better than machines at selecting the finest collection and discovering quality new music.

Sales increase

Music is powerful. Playing on-brand music has been proven to increase customer spend by up to 9.1%.

Employee motivation

74% of store employees demonstrate higher motivation when the right in-store music is being played.

Complement each space

The lobby has one vibe, the restaurant another, the bar its own, & the pool yet another, and the music is tailored to each. Playlists are always to fit the time of day, holidays, & special occasions.

Services we provide

Music curators

Our dedicated team of music curators listen track by track to create the finest selections for you.


For special events where you want to host a DJ set. We'll take care of the line up, fee negotiation, booking & logistics for you.

Editorial Content

We create & manage your personalised music profile, which you can share on your social media channels to build on your music ID.

A tailor made music experience

Set your business profile

Sign up your business and get the music experience that you want to set in your space.

Personal music curator

Get a personal curator who carefully selects track by track exclusively for you.

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Location - Cuernavaca · México
About - Hotel restaurant made up of 25 elegantly decorated suites in Mexican colonial style, highlighted by the beauty of its gardens and exotic birds, creating an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and elegance.


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